How to buy online

1. Search through our product categories

Navigate our site, select the products you want to purchase and place them one by one to your cart by clicking the "Add to cart" button.

2. Your Cart of the selected products

On "My Cart" you still have the opportunity to edit your order. You can add the amount of selected products or remove products that you do not want anymore.

Shporten mund ta gjeni edhe duke klikuar tek butoni jeshil siper faqes (Shopping Cart). Në faqen "Shporta ime (Shopping-Cart)" keni ende mundësi të modifikoni porosinë tuaj. Mund të shtoni sasinë e produkteve të përzgjedhura ose të hiqni produktet që nuk i doni më.

3. Enter your information or continue without being registered

You can continue the ordering process even if you do not register your information, but we recommend you to register in order to not miss the opportunity to take advantage of online promotions and to reduce the time of ordering in the future.

4. Fill out the billing and shipping information

Fill out the information required for billing as well as the accurate address where you desire to ship the order. Billing and delivery addresses can be the same and in this case you do not need to fill the delivery section, but just click "The same with the billing address."
If the purchase is carried on behalf of a company, click "The order is for company or business entity" and fill in the details of the company name, NIPT and your profession.
If you have registered before or have fulfilled orders the information will automatically be stored and you do not need to enter it again. Also, you will have the option to make the changes you want.

5. Select the method of payment and shipping

Select the most convenient way for you to pay for your order, payment options are as follows:
Credit/Debit Card (Visa/MasterCard); PayPal; Bank Transfer.

6. Confirm your order and contact online customer service for any problem

Once you have selected your method of payment and transport you are asked to confirm your order.
At the final stage of the purchase process will appear the message "Your purchase was successfully uploaded and the number is ... ". As well, you will receive details of your order to the electronic mail address you have entered.

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