Our company has completed the contract related to “Reconstruction of Data Center” at AKSHI facilities.

The solution deployed at this center was designed and developed in cooperation with the well-known International Company, Schneider - Electric.

The integrated system deployed at this center, includes different products and applications such as UPS, power distribution, cooling, racks, BMS, Access

Control, CCTV, Fire Detection … etc by delivering high availability and real energy savings.


This was a complex Project and we are proud that we have completed successfully this contract for the fourth Mobile Operator in Albania.

We have installed and implemented different systems and solutions starting from electrical systems, (MV and LV) overhead lines, civil works, communication towers, cooling systems. Our work was divided in two parts: One part included all the systems and integrated solutions for the Personnel and Administration Buildings and the other part included the complete work at the sites across the country (Albania). 


Related to the works fulfilled for these operators we can mention the followings:

  • Rehabilitation of KOMAN, Vau Dejes, Fierza - Substations
  • HV Lines installations (Tirane- Fushe kruje, IBE-Elbasan, etc..)
  • OPGW (Optical Ground Wire) 220 KV from Fierza to Prizren (border) 
  • MV and LV Network Distributions..etc

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