Our Team

Our Team

  • Administrative department
  • Engineering , Testing and Commissioning
  • Assembling of LV Electrical Panels
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Maintenance of Medium Voltage and Low Voltage networks
  • BMS , and integrated management system

In the work of the engineering teams are included the preliminary development, design and optimization of the production.

Construction and commissioning of electrical installations of complex facilities and production equipment are of high quality and provides conditions for realization of the sites on time and on schedule and from the subsequent teams. A group of electrical specialists is formed purposely for each site.
The accuracy of the realization of the electrical mounting and the correct compliance with the deadlines are highly valued by customers of “ALBESOL”shpk.

The Staff of “ALBESOL”shpk is highly qualified in systems for control of electrical panels.

It is experienced in installation and commissioning of electrical installations in complex projects. “ALBESOL has a history in the implementation of integrated projects.
All specialists are well trained and also equiped with certificates by Schneider Electric. The Executive staff of ALBESOL is young and motivated for learning and mastering of progressive methods of work.

The team has built skills and reputation in exploration and incorporation of new equipmentand in the development of innovative solutions.

The specialists from the company achieved excellent results in various projects in the country and abroad.

They are able to react quickly and appropriately to assignments in the field of automation and electrical control.

In order to increase professional knowledge of the staff and make its members familiar with the innovation processes, seminars and different forms of education are organized and held by the supplier companies.
On the basis of its rich experience in different areas in the country and abroad, the company specialists are able to react quickly, adequately, with a high sense of responsibility and professionalism to problems in the automation and control area, building of new projects and modernizing existing ones.
The executive staff consists of young, promising and hardworking people, motivated to adopt and master progressive methods of working, studying and adopting new appliances and original solutions.

“ALBESOL” is known for integrity, built on trust and team spirit.
When we founded the company, some 12 years ago, our staff comprised of tow professionals, determined to build a new business and to set up a new work practice. Today, about one third of our 38 employees are electric engineers or economics graduates. A good deal of the team is in the process of obtaining their higher education degrees, a core part is formed by our electric and mechanic specialists who undergo regular further trainings.”

Our team comprises of many professionals and high skills Electrical, Mechanical Eneginners. The company strives at producing at an optimal delivery time panels that are highly reliable with having an attractive design. Our team observes rigorously the quality standards, norms and up to date work practices.”

Cordination the production , with a back-ground in the realization of electric installation work, is giving to the company the key of the succes and the best perfomance.


Technical Director of Company.

Description Name Surname Experiences(year) Licence/Certificate(nr ID)
Electrical Engineer Xhovan Reveli 15 Years IEZ Ð 0489/2


Description Name Surname Experiences(year) Licence/Certificate(nr ID)
Electrical Engineer Dorian Malo 10 Years Dipl- 3831
Electrical Engineer Fatmir Macaj 10 Years
Mechanical Engineer Bekim Saraci 4 Years Diploma

Certified technical officer for intervention of the security group IV-V

Description Name Surname Experiences(year) Licence/Certificate(nr ID)
Qualified Technicians Ilir Kaci 8 Years Diploma M-13
Qualified Technicians Margil Cenuka 5 Years