“ALBESOL” is also specialized in the area of automation and electrical control. We are acompany with considerable experience in the development of projects, energy industry etc.

The company policy is orientated to wards timely and competent responses to customers enquiries.


  • Design and manufacturing of electrical control systems for equipment:
  • design solutions
  • principle schemes
  • software providing
  • construction and installation
  • commissioning and setup
  • operational documentation

Analysis and design of preliminary design:

  • installation, commissioning of facilities, software providing
  • preparation of operational documentation
  • construction of power plants
  • installation of MV and LV electric panels
  • installation of instrumentation equipment
  • construction of communication systems Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet, optical routes
  • construction of lighting and earthing systems
  • commissioning
  • preparation of operational documentation

Electrical Panels
Production of electrical panels

Albesol is experienced on assambling Low Voltage Panels Prisma P and G since 2008 , and 2017 albesol start manyfacturing SM-6 Range of Medium Voltage.
We have a wide range of electrical control panels manufactured as per the latest technology. Our electrical panels are widely used in different industries.

  • Production of Electrical Panels:
  • Design and Manufacturing
  • Distribution panels
  • Panels for control and automation
  • Repair panels
  • Measuring & Control Panels
  • Panels secondary commutation”
  • Control panels
  • Motor control with PLC and Speed Drivers , maindistribution board
  • Lighting panels and Control