Key Highlights

Key Highlights

– Good engineering skills.
– Team Working Process.
– Quality and safety implementation of the projects.


  • offers flexible solutions according to customer needs.
  • delivers and monitors the quality of the input materials.
  • believes in long term relationships with customers and partners.
  • shares its experiences and learn from the contractors.
  • seeks to environmental and sustainable development in business.
  • offers solutions for energy management.
  • ensures working conditions in accordance with the latest requirements


1- Engineering Department and project Implementation
2- Manufacturing and Assembling Facility.
3- Distribution and Sales of Electrical Materials and maintenance services.

Engineering Department and project Implementation consist.
– In High Voltage projects that contains works in Sub/Station primary secondary, High Voltage Over Head Lines.
– In Medium Voltage Projects that contains in Projecting and implementation of works on 20 KV, 10 KV, 6 KV network underground &overhead lines, reconstruction of the old network and electrical transformation cabins, changing the network system from 10 KV or 6 KV to 20 KV, etc.
– In Low Voltage Department projects that contains in Projecting and Implementation of works on 0.4 KV Network – Underground & over ground lines, shopping centers, industrial factories, data center waste water treatment plant, highrise buildings, hospitals & medical production facilities, mine controlling machineries, Touristic Resorts ECT. We are also system integrator certified by Schneider electric and BMS.

Manufacturing and Assembling Facility.
– As Licensed Partner by Schneider Electric for Albania and Kosovo market, company is focused on manufacturing and medium voltage switch gears SM-6 range package 1, 2, & 3. Our production is audited by Schneider Team once a year. We also can offer to the customers also FAT (Factory acceptance Test) by a certified laboratory build in our facility.
– Being Authorized panel builder of Prisma P and G electrical cabinets, we have assembled different panels starting form residential building, elevators, panels integrated with PLC, integrated with Speed drivers for mine factories, low voltage panels for online measuring ECT
– After sale service for SDMO-KOHLER generators as official authorized company for Albania and Kosovo market.

– After sale service for SOCOMEC UPS, ATS and official authorized company for Albania market.

Distribution and Sales of Electrical Materials and maintenance services.
Representing many serious and quality electrical brands in Albania Market we have been successful also in distribution of electrical materials.
The companies that Albesol represent in Albania and Kosovo market such as,

  • Schneider Electric,
  • SDMO-Kohler Generators,
  • Socomec UPS & ATS,
  • Philips Light ing,
  • RADE KONCAR Cabinets and Transformers,
  • IDE Metallic Cabinets,
  • Vergokan Cable Trays,
  • Elprom – TRAFOS,
  • ECT,

are supporting us not only for quality materials al soon engineering solution regarding different projects.
At the same time Company is doing maintenance and after sales services based on our good engineering team and very specialized and trained technicians. Albesol also in entering in PV business as Wholesaler of BRUK-BET SOLAR Manufacture for Albania and Kosovo market.